Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Looking into the work of Zach Blas, it is interesting to see the way that how did he connect the Research practice and Artistic practice. In my opinion, everyone can be able to make art, you could make a banana into art, or something is ordinary instead of complex or bazaar. The point is what story that an artist is trying to tell, and how do you bring the story, research into a piece of art. Otherwise, art will just be art, and it will be meanless.

However, how to combine the research with artistic practice is a crucial point to make your artwork worthy. The paperwork seems boring and not the point that the audience might always notice, but it makes the artwork alive. The paperwork and the research behind the artwork itself support the meaning of the artwork. It can also be the best weapon to advocate the idea to the audience.

In history, many artworks which have its research study and tiny detail that relates to the political issues that the artist itself wanted to bring it up.

The process that Blas made is an example shows us how to bring political qualities into our artistic practice.


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