WEEK4: The Uncanny Valley

This week I study a journal "Uncanny but not confusing: Multisite study of perceptual category confusion in the Uncanny Valley" which discusses what situation might trigger the uncanny valley. The research team is aiming to explore this hypothesis can be proof in some methods or not. Therefore, they use some test to illustrate the diagram of the uncanny valley.

What triggers the Uncanny Valley?

Many scholars have a different assumption about this hypothesis. One of the discourse states that human afraid about droid or dead corps is a reflection in action which avoids the Pathogen.

Some claims that the Uncanny Valley could relate to the "Category Confusion", which is human already have a massive gap of cognition between non-human and human. However, the droid is confusing this boundary, which made us difficult to distinguish the differences. This causes human to feel unpleasant. Category confusion is also happening in the differences between human such as skin colour or accent etc.

Three aims of the research.

1. Using the research data between the droid in real-world and human calculate an Uncanny Valley diagram.

2. Analyze the data of human perceive human and non-human.

3. Analyze the reason why the human is afraid of the droid is based on a mechanism or the Uncanny Valley.

After the test and the research, the research team discovered that if the droid still can be recognized as a robot, the human likability to droid will be obstructed.

Many designers design the robot looks mechanical in purpose to avoid the Uncanny Valley. However, the research team discovered this could drag the droid's social development.

There is also one thing that could be confirmed is "Category Confusion" might couldn't explain the reason what causes the Uncanny Valley. One promising alternative hypothesis, called "feature inconsistency" or "perceptual mismatch",

Further development of the research.

Heuristically, patterns in the categorization and social judgment of interracial human faces (Freeman et al., 2016) seem to resemble the Uncanny Valley in android robots.

Overall, we have a variety of technology and theory to research how to make human not being afraid of the droid. However, in the process of testing the human likability to the droid, in the average of human feeling of the robot in nowadays, we still have a negative impression on it.



Uncanny but not confusing:

Multisite study of perceptual category confusion in the Uncanny Valley



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