WEEK3 : Humanness in contemporary AI

I am interesting about the three essential elements of humanness in contemporary AI projects that Suchman points out, which is embodiment emotion, and sociality. She claims that embodiment is the fundamental condition for intelligence. In my opinion, the embodiment of AI is that the AI (no matter its robot or computer) is realized and practice the knowledge. However, how do we know that it really recognizes the knowledge, instead of running the program that we code it? I would like to use an example trying to display how far I get, picturing that when we were in high school, we had to do a bunch of exams to prove that we really understand the theory, but what if that you have a superbrain like you always looking at a cheating sheet all the time, is that still like you really understand or just copy it. Therefore, all the exam or writing an essay does not mean that the tutors will not comprehend that the students truly understand the theory because there are many ways to cheat. So I think that there is no method to calculate the "embodiment", but only itself knows. This is connected to Julian Jaynes "Bicameral Mind" theory which she states that our ancestor used to believe that there was a voice to tell them what to do, and they act the voice's order. The voice was being described as the god. However, after the environmental catastrophe, the sound disappears. Our ancestor was becoming insane, which they do not what to do without the voice's order. One day, an ancestor realize that the voice actually it's from themself, they combining the two-minds into one which becomes the human we are now. I think it also might happen in the AI because they are following the order that we are giving. We are the one who gives the order, and the AI follow it. All three elements are around questioning that does AI has self-consciousness or ability to know the world that they are living in. Also, the question to Stelarc's Prosthetic Head "Do you think that robots should have emotions?" again explores the bounds of the Head's self-reflective and humanlike capacities.


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