WEEK2: Potential issue of Algorithm.

The general lack of acknowledging the Algorithm may cause consequences.

The Algorithm for the general individual is arduous to understand how it works and the logic. For me, just a bunch of figures calculated by computers. However, the critical concern is that the public does not understand the power behind the Algorithm. We ignore it even they are collecting our data with or without our approvement. When we were using the free application, confirm the privacy policy without looking into each word due to we are too lazy. Meanwhile, we were trading our personal data for free services, which we thought is free. The service seems to help us, also helps them build a mode from our data.

The tech company collects our data let Algorithm calculate our personality, and gives accurate information to us in order to achieve their goal.

Is it our data keeps in the Algorithm forever?

When the Algorithm designer improves an algorithm, it will not be redesign; on the other hand, it keeps all the data. Therefore, how do we know the information once we put on the internet it is going to keep it forever or not, even we delete it? For example, in Taiwan, a blog website was shut down in 2013. Many people saved numerous data on it, such as text, video, and images. However, after a few years, a website claim that we can still find our data on that blog if we login to our account on that website, and it does work. After many years we thought that these data should be deleted. It turns out the data still there. When our data leak out whom we should blame for the tech company or ourselves?

The Algorithm becomes an excuse when people blame the tech company.

When tech companies such as facebook, google, and Instagram establish these platforms, they are aiming to connect people instead of using our data to manipulate our minds. Some claim that some Algorithm determines our data to intervene in politically choice. They may not interest to you but your connection, effect a political decision they only need to interfere few peoples. This intervention is avoiding our society to real democratic society. All varieties of information or advertising pop on our website is a potentially transformative effect on our decision; the tech company cannot always shirk their responsibility

to the Algorithm. They do realize that the Algorithm is aimed to achieve their goal. Their people are the one who designs for this. Especially in the world with all kind of different discourses, people is hard to believe what they have seen. Therefore, these companies should take responsibility to keep our data more safety instead of being used as a weapon.


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