WEEK13:VR experience

Pete's website

The VR experience last week is new and innovative; however, when I was experiencing Pete's VR artwork, I couldn't stand with more than one minutes. During the experience, I started to feel dizzy, lost and uncomfortable. In my opinion, maybe it is because of the VR is a technology that not everyone can adapt it. Therefore, I would like to talk about some assumption that might cause an uncomfortable feeling in this case.

A few weeks before, I was helping Julian to test his VR artwork, in his work, he used simple colour for the world he creates which we discuss might be a result that causes less dizzy feeling for experience VR. In his work, not only for the colour but also the narrative that he creates didn't make me feel lost in the VR. This isn't about the narrative is exciting, but it feels better when something was navigating us when we were exploring the world of VR.

Goes back to Pete's work, he mentioned that he likes to use maximalism style to create his VR artwork. Hence, I google some maximalism style which is bizarre and mixing many elements. However, it still has a harmony to balance the atmosphere. Especially for the VR, once the atmosphere is becoming too many elements might leads the maximalism into chaotic. It's fascinating that he wants to keep the freedom of exploring the world and also keep the maximalism elements in his work.

I reckon that using the VR might want to catch audience attention to explore the meaning behind the artwork that the artist creates. However, I am a bit concern that if the VR world cannot give the audience a comfortable or friendly user experience, it might be challenging to let them catch the issue that the artist wants to bring it up.


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