WEEK12:Black Feminism

During the class last week, there is one quote by Audre Lorde is fascinating "For the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house." Therefore, the guest Clareese HillURL brings up an example that nowadays there are some technology is not friendly to the minority such as 3D scanning isn't work well on black people. This reminds me indeed, back to the old-time when I was 7-8 years old, I was playing sims which is a game that builds your Avatar and starts a life in the game. The strange thing is that Sims Avatar build-up system is without the Asian model. I did not notice that, however, I was enjoying it because I think it is pretty to be like western, and the game exactly satisfies my fantasies. In this game, you can also be whatever you want. For me, I was a Muscular sportsman with blond hair and blue eyes in the game. Thinking that scenario now is interesting, but why this happened? Is that the westernize or colonialism still exists in the Asian culture, or you can say also exists in the digital world?

Goes back to the topic that last week we discuss in the class, our lecture guest Clareese HillURL is creating a program that can scan an individual's shape into the digital world. In the digital world that Clareese built, individuals skin will transform into different colours instead of your real skin colour. This will eliminate the differences between different skin tones of individuals, create a more equality platform for the minority. Without doubt, in the digital world, we can have more options to hide our real identity in reality, and this could let us discover our true identity without the burden of the physical body.

Quote by Michele Foucault "Our body is the prison of the soul."

What is the reality for the human, is that hiding the only option for discovering real me? I agree that when I was playing the sims, I feel a part of me that I will never notice before play the game. However, it is the option that I made is my choice, or it just an illusion? There is a theory base on Judith Butler; she states that our gender identity is shaped by the cultural and historical. Combining these two elements, I would like to use discourses to explain it. Hence, different places and time will produce different discourses. What if digital is just another space with different discourses? Such as we have different identity depends on the area that we live in, and the digital, just another world which the essence is not that different between the real world.

I do not know the answer yet, and it is hard to say which one is true or right.

I am just afraid that we convince there is no bias in the digital world, but the judgment that we have still effected by the real world, estimate our outlook can't change any essence of it. The real thing that what we can do is to focus on the discourse that we are creating at the moment. However, these technology tools can be methods to bring up individual aware in some specific issue such as Black Feminism.


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