WEEK11:Disobedient Design

Disobedient Electronics Protest

In "Disobedient Electronics Protest" shows many inspiring examples such as 79% clock and the abortion drone etc. This reminds me of the Zach Blas project, how to make a piece of artwork or product provoke a manifesto that the designer wants to bring it up. The world is getting more complicated since the globalocalization, more connection between individuals from all over the world, more issues have been more taking care.

We are living in a postmodernism world, Jean-François Lyotard said this means we are in a period from incredulity into the metanarrative. We all are seeking the truth of the world or justice. Being an artist or design nowadays has to be more responsive than the previous time.

Disobedient design is trying to trigger people to notice a different political issue in an

indirect way. It's avoiding that the awkward moment of people disagrees with the opinion. For the designer of 79% clock, people get the information form the TV show is a method to bring the issue up. However, it's hard to influence the people surrounding you.

Images is from http://www.conceptlab.com/

The feedback of the workshop

At first, we started to brainstorming many kinds of issue, and we decide to develop towards the bully issue in school. We believe that it is an interesting example to design the disobedient product. The more we discuss the bully issue, the more complicated problem is bringing up.

For an instant, what will the kid who is being bullied do? Should he/she tell the teacher, but won't this just making he/she become more isolation by the peer? Design a "Disobedient Product" can bring this issue up with an indirectly way which might won't impact the bullier or the kid being bullied. Hence, once the bullier get more information about bully might change their way of thinking, such as showing the victim and bullier's conviction might increase their empathy to reduce the bully event in school.




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