The tree in my memory.

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Chia Yang Chang /Andrew 11/05/2020


Some said that memory is an illusion that makes us believe what we want to believe. It's fragile and confusing, but it is also real. In this project, explore the possibilities of visualising a fake memory that just an imaginary scene base on my experience. During this pandemic, we are forcing to stay at home most of the time; I miss the time that we can go out and lay down on the park. The room where I live is like a fancy prison, but I do go out sometimes in my dream. I remember there was a tree with excellent shape and bending branches near the place I live, which is a farm. I brought it to my flat and planted. The tree is too big that almost tore my flat into pieces. At night, fireflies flew into my room, surrounded by the tree. At the moment, my room is getting so dark like the outer space; I cannot see anything but the fireflies in the tree shape. I felt the whole room becoming boundless; I am not in my flat anymore. Suddenly, the fireflies disappear also the tree is. I woke up, turns out it just a dream. However, when I saw the sculpture next to my window, I knew it's not just my imagination; it was real once. In the sculpture, I was standing in front of the tree in my memory, and the tree still looks gorgeous. Every time, when I saw the sculpture, I can still remember the memory happened that night.


3D scanning is more like taking photos now, and I questioned about this technology to myself that people are photoshopping their pictures to create the fake digital narratives about their life. What about when these narratives become physical? We used to believe what we see, and now the standard of testing the reality is asking for more. What if we piece different part of our memories into one, is it still real? In this project, I am visualising a memory into a virtual and physical result , creating a memory Frankenstein.



Approaching the goal from this project, I attached the 3D scanning technology first. In my flat, the Kinect V1 is a cheap and easy equipment to use and scan the object such as my room and myself. However, the limitation of the Kinect is that I cannot scan the outside object. Kinect v1 needs to plug-in power supply all the time. In this project, I want to collect some simple natural organic object, so I used another 3D scanning application Maybe it is because of the way I scanned from is wrong, the result is messy. So I need to spend a lot of times to clean up the 3D data. It is using the images 3D scanning, and this will make the scanning also not that as accurate as of the Kinect. After all, I got a really nice shape of the tree scanning, which I used as the sample in this project.

When I tried to scan form the Kinect V1, the result is also messy, and I am still testing how to make the scanning more stable. Overall, 3D scanning is a fast and easy way to get 3D data. However, it needs to spend times to clean up and fixed the data. In this project, I spend most of my times to do the cleanup work to make sure my object is decent. Still some flaw on the object, I am not sure what will it looks like when it gets to print, but I think I am also looking for the unpredictable for the 3D printing my narrative, physical object.


If there is a pop exhibition, I want to create a more digital narrative base on a scanning object. Helping people to print the memory and filter it into what they want to be memorised. It could be a dream, a wish, or a memory that they want to change. Using the 3D sculpture and project the pointclouds on it, to create an immersive virtual and physical emotion to the audience. Let the audience experience the memory that the performer wants to believe. To simulate the presentation, I used Blender to create a tree scanning object pointclouds animation, and I tried different effects to combine different scene which presenting the concept of the narrative that I want to tell in this project. The final object that consider having to be printed, I left the tree, and my body objects into one scene. Furthermore, I simulate the pointclouds animation project on the object. This presents my original idea that prints the 3D object and put it in the box, project the pointclouds animation on the object. In the box, I will cut a hole to let the audience peek inside of the box. If there's any opportunity, I will like to make a 1:1 model and project in a dark room to present this project and add some interaction with the pointclouds for the further development.

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